Urzila Carlson - Just No!

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Fri, 10 Nov 8:45 PM @ Anita's Theatre

Urzila Carlson - Just No!

On the tour, Urzila says “It’s happening Australia, I’m saying YES to take JUST NO on a regional roadie! I’m boiling the eggs and getting packing the picnic basket as we speak so I can hit the road this November to go to places where I would normally not sweat in at this age! Check my website for details and get tickets right now!”

In Just No!, Urzila has discovered our frustrations are what brings us together – not sport, not love, not peace – but people who do us wrong or get on our tits. Even Urzila’s chart-topping premiere podcast That’s Enough Already! sees her discussing everything that frustrates them, and after three seasons, Urzila is yet to find one that she disagrees with!

We live in trying times where we’re acutely aware of each other’s opinions and shortcomings, making us the most frustrated population in the history of humankind. If you’ve ever queued up and someone blatantly cuts in front of you, past generations may have let that slide, bus us, NO – JUST NO! Are you taken over at a community picnic and thinking everyone will let it slide? NO – JUST NO!

Urzila has become one of the biggest names in comedy in Australia and New Zealand. Her regional tour arrives hot on the heels of the Just No! sold out metro tour.

She’s garnered a legion of fans worldwide in recent years, not least thanks to her NETFLIX hour-long comedy special Overqualified Loser which was released in 190 countries and its stable partner Comedians of then World.

Urzila won the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s People Choice Award for most tickets sold in 2019, 2022 and 2023. She’s a much-loved staple on Ten’s smash-hit panel show, Have You Been Paying Attention? Both here and in New Zealand.

Not content with owning the stage and the small screen, Urzila makes her feature animation debut in 2023 as the voice of Honkus in Ozi alongside Donald Sutherland, Laura Dern, Ru Paul and Amanda Stenbder.

Don’t miss the powerhouse that is Urzila Carlson!

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